32 Forms of Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha is believed to be the Obstacle remover, the god of auspicious beginning and good fortune. Devotees believe that Lord Ganesha has taken 32 forms to save devotees from the different issues that may arise in different stages of life. 32 forms of Lord Ganesha are installed and worshipped at Maheswaram Sri Sivaparvathi Temple.

32 Forms of Lord Ganesha are,
1. Bala Ganapathi (Child like)
2. Bhakthi Ganapathi (Devotee form)
3.Dhundhi Ganapathi (Sought after Ganapathi)
4.Durga Ganapathi (Similar to mother Durga)
5.Dvija Ganapathi (Born twice)
6.Dvimukha Ganapathi (With two heads)
7.Ekadanta Ganapathi (Single tusked)
8.Ekakshara Ganapathi (Lord of single letter)
9.Haridra Ganapathi (For wealth)
10.Heramba Ganapathi (Magnificent protector)
11.Kshipra Ganapathi (Quickly blesses)
12.Kshipra Prasada Ganapathi (Quick rewarder)
13.Lakshmi Ganapathi (The fortunate)
14.Maha Ganapathi (Popularly worshipped)
15.Nritya Ganapathi (Dancer)
16.Rinamochana Ganapathi (Liberator from debts)
17.Sankatahara Ganapathi (Dispeller of sorrows)
18.Shakthi Ganapathi (Powerfull form)
19.Siddhi Ganapathi (Master of intellect)
20.Simha Ganapathi (Fearless)
21.Srishti Ganapathi (Creator)
22.Taruna Ganapathi (Youthful)
23.Trimukha Ganapathi (Three faced)
24.Tryakshara Ganapathi (Lord of A-U-M)
25.Ucchhishta Ganapathi (Lord of Superiority)
26.Uddanda Ganapathi (Enforcer of Dharma)
27.Urdhva Ganapathi (The elevated)
28.Varada Ganapathi (Boon Giver)
29.Vighna Ganapathi (Lord of Obstacles)
30.Vijaya Ganapathi (Victorious)
31.Vira Ganapathi (Courageous)
32.Yoga Ganapathi (in Yogic posture).

All these 32 forms of Lord Ganesha can be worshipped together at Maheswaram Temple to eradicate obstacles from the life of a devotee.