Dvadasa Jyothirlingam

Dvadasa (12) Jyothirlingam of Lord Siva are installed inside the chuttambalam, surrounding Sri Sivaparvathi. There exist twelve Jyothirlingam at twelve different places in India. They are Somanathalingam at Sourashtra (Gujarath), Mallikarjunalingam at Sreesailam, Mahakaleswaralingam at Ujjayini, Omkareswaralingam near the banks of Narmada river, Kedarnathalingam at Himavathgiri, Bheemasankaralingam at Bevagiri, Vaidhyanathalingam at Jharkhand, Thrayambakalingam at Godavari, Viswanathalingam at Varanasi, Nageswaralingam at Darukavanam, Rameswaralingam at Rameswaram, Khrishneswaralingam at Dowlathabad. Each Jyothirlingam is considered as different manifestations of Lord Siva. Devotees believe, by giving offerings and with the blessings of Lord Siva in the form of Dvadasa Jyothirlingam all kinds of Dosham (misfortune) and illness will be removed from their life. It is one of the peculiarities that, devotees all over the world visit the Maheswaram Sri Sivaparvathi Temple to worship entire Dvadasa (12) Jyothirlingam together.